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Lauren Dane is a cute writer, and she proves that once again with Tart.  Set in Bainbridge Island, a ferry ride away from Seattle and the Brown Family, Ms. Dane brings a story of a fiesty woman determined to find love, even when it appears unconventional.

Jules (Juliet) is the main female character, a baker of extraordinary talent, falls in love with Gideon, a visitor from the past.  All very good, and nothing exacting in the first part of the book.  Until Cal Whaley comes into the picture.  Cal has had a crush on Jules for fifteen years, but believing the friendship is more than love, has kept his distance. Until, of course, Jules finally falls in love. 

In a rather short, and very casual way, Gideon and Cal determine that they should share Jules.  Both men are bi-sexual and attracted to one another so in their minds this all works.  Of course, Juliet has some different fears.

This book is a quick read, although highly enjoyable.  For those of you who are wary of the m/m, I assure that there is only one small and extremely brief scene between Cal and Gideon.  For the most part all the sex revolves around Jules.

Ms. Dane doesn’t not go into deep details in her bedroom scenes, hence why I put this book in the romance category.  Ms. Dane very rarely puts in too much drama, except for the pleasant personal issues each of the characters briefly question and then move on.  This is not a book for those that like true and full depth, but rather a lite read that will get them through the day and put a smile on their face.

Happy Reading!