Sophie Oak is always a pleasure to read.  She evokes humor, tension, romance, sex, and a beautifully written story all into one superb read.  Her books have heart, something that not all erotic fiction have.  And while this is often categorized as erotic fiction, Ms. Oak blends enough romance and humor to make it into an enjoyable story instead of a treatise on the dos and don’ts of unlimited sex.

If you don’t like descriptive sex scenes, this book is not for you.  There is anal play, double penetration, games and fun along with the seriousness of starting a new relationship.  If you don’t get enjoyment out of these things this book should be avoided.

Sophie Oak has at least two major story lines; a darker BDSM world, and this series of books that take place in Bliss, CO.

Bliss is a community that is open-minded, it accepts all kinds of relationships including menage.  In Pure Bliss, Ms. Oak takes us back to Colorado to that sexy rancher that pops up in other stories, and to Hope McLean; a woman down on her luck and terrified of her past.

When the sexy rancher, James begins the story we see him in a falling out with his brother over a woman (so typical of men!).  Speed up five years and we meet Hope, working for the town’s sheriff, alone and scared.  Believing she is losing her mind she thinks she sees her dead husband, a cruel con man, around the town of Bliss, CO.  Heading off to a AA meeting because of the new stress she has gained, Hope meets James’ little brother Noah.

The story revolves around Hope, James and Noah.  There are a thousand details that I am not going to give away because I honestly, liked the book.  But you learn about Hope’s past, you see characters from Ms. Oak’s previous novels, and you get invited into the humor and beauty that is Bliss, Colorado.  And of course, you get a happy ending.

If this is your first novel by Ms. Oak, I highly recommend that you start at the beginning of the series and work your way through.  There is an amazing cast of characters, and while you meet them all in almost every book, learning who they were and what they become is a ride in of itself.  None of Ms. Oak’s books have to be read in order, but I say don’t deprive yourself by just reading one.

And if you are into something a tiny bit more hardcore, I will be reviewing Ms. Oak’s other series soon.  (Don’t wait for me, they are good!).