One of the things I have learned early on in my quest for beauty and knowledge was that I had to have a slice of peace somewhere.  The slice of peace, much like a slice of apple pie, has very distinct characteristics.  It is a simple and complex at the same time and can mean more to the soul than it does to your nerves.

I personally have to have small pockets of places in my world that are only mine.  I do not share with my children, my husband, nor even my family and friends.  It is mine, and meant to be only mine.  Don’t get me wrong, no person is an island therefore, no space lives separate from everyone else.  This is the truth…however, it doesn’t mean we can’t pretend.  I mean if we are absolutely honest with ourselves, pretending is an incredible step to believeing.  And once you believe that you have a space you will have a fantastic fantasy of peace.

I have two spaces that are mine, one that I am often forced to share, and one that is just for me.

The reason I have to share one of my larger spaces is that it takes up a whole room.  Sure I have my speciality table designed just for me to do my crafts there, I have my desk where I can write and fall into something not real for long moments of time, and I have my books.  And not just three books, but my collection of a thousand books that surround me like a million arms.  However, I have finally realized that it is a room my creative and curious little girl wants to explore it (I have neat stuff in the eyes of a creative two year old), the cat who hates EVERYONE but me for some reason loves to sit in this room, shedding and cleaning herself for long periods of time.  My son wants to do his homework in this room because I have a desk there.  Now each of you are probably saying that there are simple fixes for this:  move a desk to another part of the house, but the truth is that while I truly prefer to be alone most times,  I open up portions of myself for my kids.  I won’t do it for you, I won’t do it for my husband, my mother or my sister.  But I will open myself to my kids.  I think I simply love them that much.

Now let’s explore a space that is just for me.  In my master bathroom there are two walk in closets, and a large linen closet.  My walk in closet is so big, I was able to find an old, unpainted, and rather cheap looking dresser to put on one wall of my closet in lieu of clothes (I don’t have that many clothes).  The dresser is where I keep all the secrets of beauty I have been given.  We are talking essential oils in grapefruit and cinnamon, we are talking about fine grained rice powder, natural organic brown sugar, rosewater, pink sea salt, dead sea salt, extremely virgin olive oil…I could go on.  And will go on in future posts.  But in this dresser is all the stuff that while could easily be used for cooking, is to expensive and sometimes to hard to get to be using it to make cookies.

Because this space is right off my bathroom I can use those products (plus the fruit and vegetables in my kitchen) to make whatever it is I need easily and clean.  I don’t have to figure out how to get three ingredients, the bowls, measuring cups, and spoons up the stairs.  It simply works for me, and as I take the quest to find beauty as an intelligent endeavor, it also makes me feel like I am in a lab (okay not sterile) but a lab nonetheless.