My quest for beauty has been an on-going obsession since I was a child and my mother (my beautiful mother) decided that her children would never wear makeup or jewerly while under her roof.  She relented through the years, but for the most part this dictorial set down has stayed with me my whole life.  It has driven me to try and find the natural, or the even the easy, miracles of science and earth that I could use to be beautiful.  I spent litterally thousands a year on “magic” potions to look today the same as I did a year ago.  But as it is an obsession the ability to turn the drive off is simply one of those buttons that I am missing.

I have actually started in the last few months to include in my diet and beauty regime literature such as, “Making Peace with Your Thighs” and other such helpful text that promises to do what no magic potion ever could…make me love myself.

It actually has even made a dent yet.  I don’t care how you look at it, what you blame it on, or even why we as a society have an unnatural urge to have a look we can never see in the mirror.  These posts are to introduce some of the products I have tried that have worked, and some that did not.  If I offer a receipe here, I have used it and I will tell you what I think.  I am certainly not a doctor, although I probably have enough college credits to be the equivalent of one.

Please remember that I don’t know what allergies you have, or what is bad for you and what you should whole heartly embrace.  The one thing I did figure out long time ago, is that to find what makes you beautiful is not a one stop shopping trip, but rather a battle and a mix of both good and bad until you find the perfect.

Just do me one favor…


Listen to your heart, to your skin, to your lungs, to the skin everything is wrapped around.  Some products won’t work for you…it’s just a fact of life.  But if you could take a million ideas and pick the ten that work, wouldn’t it be nice.  Beauty is not a one stop shopping trip but rather a battle.  And you can win.

Look here for insights, for suggestions.  I always read responses so that I can get feed back. I have no problem delving deeper into a product or solution to find out the truth.  And if there is no truth, we will together find a solution with truth.

Despite my quest to be beautiful, the one thing I have figured out about myself is that I will never believe I am beauiful.  Although I will keep searching.  Try not to live with that mindset, it is just as ugly as that zit we sometimes wake up to.