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Let’s move away from the incredible and depressing topic of my head, and move a little to something softer.  This blog isn’t only about my disease and the craziness that comes along with it, but the things that I have found (and am finding) that relax me, or help me to find some beauty within my own skin.

One of the oldest adages that I believe in, without hesitation, is that if you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin.  It’s that simple, because while your skin and outside is complex, the solution should never, ever be.  It should be simple.  The things that have worked for thousands, upon thousands of years, will work today.  Don’t go away from them.

I like to find different items to try to experiment with to see if they work.  Each and every item that I speak about here, will be something I have tried.

The other day, despite the fact that it is still warm in my part of the world, I noticed my skin has been getting drier and uglier.  Like most humans, I am aging, therefore, what was once easy to maintain has become a sometimes daily exercise of time to fix.  And I am lazy, so finding items that are easy to use, easy to clean up and easy to find are of paramount importance to me, because quite frankly, I have better things to do then worry if my elbows are pretty.

So, I went a searching.  And I made a find.  A sugar scrub, that is so easy to make, so easy to apply, and works beautifully was like finding the equivalent of scrub gold.

This scrub, like most things in the beauty fixing world, is messy.  Don’t put it on your skin while lying on the floor of your bedroom; don’t think that just because you are using a little of it that it won’t make a disgusting mess that you will have to clean up (unless you have a maid).  Use it in your bathtub, your shower or any enclosed space that has plenty of water in it.  Trust me on this.

So the mixture is basic:  unrefined (finely grained) brown sugar, and organic extra virgin olive oil.  That’s it. So simple to find (Wal-mart carries it).  Simply put one cup of brown sugar in a bowl, and then usually about 1 tbsp of the olive oil.  When my skin is real dry, I like to use a little extra olive oil because it just feels good.  Once you have done this scrub a couple of times you will find the mix that works for you.  If you need more oil, do it.  If you need more scrub, do it.  You will figure this out.

Once you have scrubed from neck to toe (your face doesn’t need this) simply rinse and clean like normal.  I just use a moisturizer soap to get the oil residue off, and I am good to go.  You will see that clumps of sugar are on your floor – it can go down the drain (sometimes with a little help from the bowl you just used).

Oftentimes, I put oils on my elbows or feet as they tend to be the ugliest part of my body.  If you put oils on your skin and then lay down on the bed, the oil will get in your sheets.  And if it gets on your pillow, it can clog your face. I know this may seem like a basic know, but you might be amazed.

Taking care of ourselves on the outside, is just as important as taking care of ourselves on the inside. Not necessarily to beat a disease like skin cancer, not necessarily to get that hot date, but so that the feeling of being beautiful is not solely limited to your insides.  When we think we look better, when we feel that we are somewhat more beautiful, it shows not only the outside but on the inside as well.

It is a disturbing truth, that when we feel beautiful, we are beautiful.  Beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder, it is in the eye of our own selves.