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I have a rather unique brain in some aspects; I believe it has to do with the bi-polar more than anything.  But sometimes it can get me into trouble.  For instance, the other day I had to take another IQ test; not a big deal in my life as the doctors seem to give me one about once a year.  I don’t know what they expect to change, but a lot of the times I have realized that it is best just not to ask.

Anyways, without thinking I told one of my co-workers that I took the test and that the score had actually gone up.  When she found out my score the next thing I knew, the office knew it.  Its high…but not ridiculously so, or at least I don’t think it is crazy.  Trust me when I tell you I have moments of absolute stupidity that there is simply no way to get around.

So then practically my whole office got involved. Asking me questions, testing me like they were going to find something I didn’t know and be able to crow about it.  I tried to participate for a moment, and then gave up.  I hate being the object of anyone’s ridicule.

I have been teased about my brain, my reading, my continual need to educate myself my whole life.  Even my husband gets in on the act when he wants to make a point; my parents speak about it; truly there isn’t anyone in my life who doesn’t like to at some point direct that finger at me and smile.  Maybe I should look at it as I am making people happy.

So, moving on.  One of the guys in my office decided to ask a smartass comment like “what have you realized or thought about that the rest of us can’t”.  It was something like that.  And I thought about it and realized there wasn’t anything that I have thought about that I am sure thousands of others haven’t also thought about.

But here are the three things that tend to make my husband think…

  1. There is no such thing as truth.  There is nothing in this world that is hard and fast true all the time.  Think about some things, a. you don’t know what the future will bring, b. perception is reality.   Human beings need to realize that there is no way to predict the future, and there is really no way to discern what really happened in the past.  Don’t get me wrong science and math get damn close.  In fact, I would say that math is probably the closest thing we get to the truth.  But even the saying 2+2=4, is only true until we find a way to make it false.  You can’t definitely tell me that the sun is going to rise tomorrow, its in the future.  You can’t definitely tell me that the sun is rose a million years ago, you weren’t there.  And you can’t even definitely tell me the sun rose today.  It looked like it, it acted like it, but really that is simply because no one has proven otherwise.  (The world used to be flat.)
  2. The next one is a little harder to explain, so use your imagination.  There is no such thing as nothing.  By definition nothing is something, it is a noun.  It is the lack of something so therefore exists just as strongly as those somethings.  Nothing has characteristics, it has potential, it has change; therefore, it has to be something.  When you think about this universe being created out of nothing, realize that nothing is something.  Something was there before our universe was born, but what?  I am afraid that question is going to have to be answered by someone a lot smarter than me.
  3. The third one seems to be the most controversial.  Free will is an illusion.  You simply can not have God and free will together.  Free will is the choice of something, the idea that you can pick what you believe is best for you.  However, God (or any other supreme being) already knows what you are going to pick.  Therefore, it destined.  And the one thing free will can never be is destined.  So, you either believe that God is in control, or you believe that you are in control.  Can’t be both by their own definition.  This is probably a difficult one because whenever we talk about religion we get thousands of comments about what each of us believes is the truth.  I refer you to number one.

So that is the kind of stuff I think up.  I will be watching the Science or History network and here they come, these off the wall ideas that make me think.  I picked three of the thousands, but what I can tell you is that none of those thoughts make me smarter than anyone else.  In fact, there may even be one of you that can prove me wrong.

My truth is I would rather read a romance.  My truth is I would rather listen to the Vienna Boys Choir sing, or the Rascall Flatts sing their new song of heartbreak.  But like the voices in my head, demanding my submission and my ability to write their story, the voices that make me think about free will are there.  I call them my nerds.  My nerds that can’t leave me alone anymore than that scared, shy girl with magic glasses waiting for me to tell her story.