weemsThere are very few poets of the capability that Ann Weems has; and while she writes of the death of her son, the pain and sorrow that surrounds her can speak to all our pain.  She is religious; however, it is the darkness that she knows that brings the light to those of us that are grieving tonight as well.

Lament Psalm Two

God, Find me here
where the sun
is afraid to shine!
Don’t you recognize
your faithful one?
Haven’t I known yu
since the days of my youth?
Haven’t I sung your songs
in the ears of your enemies?
Why then are you silent?
Why have you forsaken me
and left me to wail
in the empty night?
Why do you give me silence
when I ask for
the nightingale’s song?

O God, have pity on me
and enter into
the city of my pain.
Hear my cry
and come to me
that all might know
your faithfulness.
From the icy coldness
of the pit,
I will praise your name,
for like a shepherd
searching for a lost sheep
you will not give up
until you find me.
Here in the gloom
I wait for the light
of your coming.
Then I will shout
that my God is the God
who does not rest
until all are
gathered in
from the threat of night.