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sadness 2In this world of unfathomable pain, how do we reconcile the beauty of God’s soul with the tragedy of a lost child?  The loss of innocence and beauty cannot be replaced with the hope of God’s great love, nor can it be easily understood in the words of scripture.  The amazing joy of a child’s laughter cannot be covered by the voices of song; the spun gold heart of those that never did wrong cannot be silenced by the horror of a mother’s cry.  The cry of a mother’s loss is heard throughout this kingdom, throughout the world as we know it, and the cry of a mother’s loss will forever change us.  How can we hope to find our humanity in the evil of this earth?  How can we ever hear the angels when a mother’s tears soak onto our own soul and torment us with the grief like none other? 

A mother’s unbearable sorrow can be heard crying through this land, and all of us must listen and mourn with her. All of us must shed tears, all of us must find that lost illusion of peace so that we may survive where the mother cannot.