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tree21Before I leave for my Christmas holiday, I would like to take a moment to wish everyone joy.  Joy is such a rare commodity sometimes, it is fleeting and as substantial as the wind.  But it is but one of the many things that we need in life to create ourselves a world to live in.   It joins love, lust, passion, strength, courage, and faith in elements that one must hold onto in this life.

I actually have a tattoo on my chest that represents courage, strength, faith and love.  I believe with everything I can feel that it is these four elements, and those that come with these elements that make the good in this life.  They make it capable for us to find joy, to find happiness in the miracle that is this time of year.

And this time of year isn’t a miracle because of your God, or because of Santa.  It is because it is a time to stop, look around, and feel the good things that we are blessed with. In the candle’s light on Christmas Eve, I am not reminded of the God that gave me life, or the Jesus that gave his life for me, but rather I am reminded that it is the children’s laughter I hear everyday, the smiles in their eyes, and the absolute perfect love that my children represent that are true blessings.  It is my child’s joy that makes this holiday special.

It is true that when we are children it is hard to see past the gifts and the Santa.  But that is absolutely how it should be.  It is once we reach adulthood that our focus should change; it is in our adulthood that we should recognize and learn what it is that we truly have.

Too every parent suffering this holiday, I wish for you the peace of comfort.  For every mother whose guilt over not being able to give great gifts to your children, I wish you a moment’s peace of comfort.  To every child that fears, worries, or in any way can’t enjoy this incredible season, I wish you the gift a beautiful hug.  One complete and warming hug.  Everyone knows that this season isn’t about selfishness or receiving gifts, but I still wish that you get exactly what you need this holiday season.  And remember to breathe, kids go back to school soon.