The QuestI have decided today to go back to another one of my quests.  One, because I have been asked to but also because like all lives mine is full, and I often desperately search for hints, short cuts, even simple trust worthy ideas so that I don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money and time on something that will not work.  It being winter, I thought it best to turn to dry skin.

I, like most people have dry skin.  Men have it, women have it, children have it, it is possible that aliens have it.  My dry skin is usually centered around my rather prominent and (since childbirth) ugly hip bones.  I have learned that it is something that will pop up randomly no matter how many times I work on my skin, or how many times I use all kinds of “miracle” creams to make myself shine.  I say it in that way, because really, I don’t shine.  Not even sure if I want to.

There are multiple levels of body wash. One, not all are equal, and two, not all are needed.  For instance, if you body wash has more perfume in it, than actual working ingredients you are certainly going to smell good – but while it might work temporarily it will not be an overall solution…sorry bath and body works (use these products when you are going on a date, then switch back to the real stuff immediately).

washWhen my dry skin lies atop my hip bones, so that it looks suspiciously like dandruff coming out of my sides, and I can do nothing but scratch and wish I didn’t have to wear underwear, there is only one product that I will use.  And because I consider this top of the line and only needed in the driest and most dire of circumstances, the price reflects the need.  The product is called Ahava Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash.  They sell it at Ulta, Macy’s, even Sears.  I get the kind for very dry skin, because if I am going to spend $25 for the darn thing, it better work.  And I have to tell you with really dry skin, this stuff works.

Now, it should be noted that nothing works over night. If you are expecting immediate results you will be disappointed.  And this should only be used with you have very dry skin.  Go to the cheaper stuff when it isn’t quite this bad; it will save you money, and you really don’t need this quality of wash every time.

wash2My everyday body wash fluctuates based on cost.  For the most part I like Aveeno for every day.  Their skin relief products are practical, both in price and convenience (you can get it at wal-mart).  It does the job with very little effort on your part, it has no smell to overpower the relief, and for the most part can be used on most skins.  I do not have sensitive skin, so I don’t look for those products.

My skin care lines have to have one major ingredient: water.  If your bath wash, if you makeup, if your creams, etc. etc. doesn’t have water it is not going to help you.  Did you know that when we are born we are made of almost 99% water?  As children and young adults that lessens to 70% and as we age that goes down even further.  It usually tops out at about 50%, so we are typically more than 50% water.  If your products don’t have water, or at least water soluble ingredients, why are you using them?  They will work against what you are looking for.

oilAnother product I use, when I need a little glow to my skin is avocado oil.  I love this product, but this is one of those few things in life where a little goes A LONG WAY!! Don’t pour it in your hand and then rub it all over your skin and hair. One, you will feel slimy, and two you don’t need that much.  However, when my hair or skin is dry, this is a little secret.  Put a little in your palm and spread it over your hair…(careful on pillows) and your hair will settle and look shiny.  Have I said yet to be severely moderate when using this stuff?  Put it on your skin, and almost overnight much of your dry spots will smooth out.  Practically any oil will work on dry skin (see virgin olive oil and brown sugar from a previous post) so if you don’t like the smell or the feel of this one, find another all natural oil.  Mayo for your hair (think about it, oil and water!!!).

So hopefully, that helped with your little spots.  Remember, skip the perfume unless it is date night, and stick to water.