The JourneyThe silent song sings through me

the silent night sings with the loss of day

And I find myself surrounded by loneliness.

It can not be a day of joy,

it can not be a day of fun.

Rather the pressure on my chest reminds me that is a day of life.

My life. The single point that revolves around no one.

My life.  The single depression in an earth of mountains.

The darkness is coming around,

wrapping itself as solidly as a lover’s arms.

The sadness is overtaking all hope

and I am alone in the middle of a circus.

The lights will never be as bright,

and the song never as sweet,

when the darkness is the air that I breathe.

My life. The single solider in field of bullets.

My life. The single note in the symphony of purity.

The darkness takes the sun,

the darkness takes the moon.

and leaves me single, with my life.