image13   I am not at all certain what exactly awards are supposed to accomplish except to make me feel better. As I normally ignore these awards, I decided that this time I would go through the steps simply to see what happens. It may be that journey I keep talking about that wants simple recognition for doing what I love. Or it may be that I finally realized the importance of someone recognizing your work and taking the time to acknowledge it.

I would like to thank Brighton Bipolar for the nomination. I am glad that you have found enjoyment or at least a small amount of amusement with my blog. Below is the Ten Questions.

Liebster Award Rules :

1. Thank the nominator for your award

2. Display the award

3. Answer the 10 questions provided and nominate 10 bloggers

The Ten Questions :

1) what is the most memorable book you have read?

It may be Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. I am a great believer not only in discovering oneself but allowing others the enjoyment of watching you finally succeed. Under the Tuscan Sun was another book that accomplished this.

Because I read about a book a day, I actually have favorites of every genre and every plot twist. Get me on a who-done-it that I can’t figure out and I will become a life time reader of your books. Sweep me into romance with a little humor and I am yours. Heck, explain to me the greatest serial killers in the world, and as long as you describe them with an understanding of their past and who they were, I will read it.

2) what is the most meaningful comment that was ever said to you, and why? (it can be good or bad, meaningful doesn’t always mean positive)

Someone once told me I was wanted – and not in a sexual way. Nobody had ever said that to me; nobody thought it was something I ever needed to know. I am rarely important, nor am I really liked; I separate myself to much for that. But those words help to change everything.

3) if you could choose your career , what would it be?

My current career is a writer/mother. I apologize for my answer but it doesn’t get much better than that.

4) do you participate in a sport ? And if yes , what is it.

I have never and will never participate in a sport. I was the last one picked, I was the last one allowed on the field, and eventually I was the last one anyone wanted to see in a uniform. I work out (various cardio machines) consistently and along with my diet allows me to remain healthy enough to sit in this chair and type the keys.

5) what is your favorite holiday?

What I have learned in my years with this disease is that there are few people and even fewer holidays that can be described as in any way a favorite. I think when you suffer from a mental illness the continual assault of any holiday (except maybe Columbus Day) prevents us from finding joy. I love Christmas but not Christmas morning. I love Thanksgiving but not sitting down at a table with others. I even enjoy watching my children dress up for Halloween; but I hate the knocking on strangers’ doors.

6) what food would you love to learn to cook?

I don’t get much time in the kitchen both because my husband enjoys it and quite frankly I am usually doing something else (namely, writing). But if I could learn to cook I would want to cook something that someone I liked enjoyed. I wouldn’t want to learn to cook for me but rather for the enjoyment of watching someone else’s happiness.

7) what would you do if you had 1 million dollars?

Invest it. I have two Masters (Finance and Accounting). I have to by default invest it; I think it would be against the rules otherwise.

8) what is your favorite song and why?

My playlist literally includes everyone from Otis Redding, Cher, and The Hollies and Pink. I watch and listen to songs that move me; that take me to a place that I need to be in order to find the inspiration to type my next page. I don’t depend on others taste but rather simply my own need.

9) do you have an artistic hobby and would you be willing to post an example (art, poetry, prose, musical, …… Crochet, sewing, woodworking …. Something creative that you do for you , but wouldn’t mind sharing 🙂

I love photography and I worked with mix media to create things for my personal enjoyment. I don’t have enough confidence to share it, I am afraid. I don’t like much of myself and certainly don’t have any confidence in my abilities. I really am kind of sad.

10) if you could live anywhere, where would it be , and why?

I like to be alone but still with necessary supplies – taffy, sweet tea, even the occasional steak. I am not one who can live without toilet paper. I haven’t found the spot that is mine, the place where I can live. I am still looking. Mostly I am trying to find a spot that gives me the freedom of no time but also the anchor of strangers. I have never limited my choices to a certain continent or a certain state. I have always believed that where you are planted is simply a stop to the next place.

I reread some of these questions and I come across poorly. But the truth is I don’t like definitive answers about myself. Who and what I am is not going to be who and what I am next year. I will grow, I will learn, and I will fall. The journey should take you to incredible sights, both within and those out a window. And it should never, not for one moment, stop for longer than it takes to gather the courage for the next step.

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