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Lime-green-ribbonMy last post was all about raising money for the editing of my book. The book is about mental illness but from a slightly different perspective. Instead of concentrating only on my journey the book is meant to help those that love those of us with mental illness get a glimpse into our lives and ultimately into our daily fights. It is meant to simply describe what it is like inside a brain ravaged by a disease in words anyone can understand.

It is a book that means the world to me. And I am glad to say that I was able to raise the money to hire an editor that I believe suits my purposes to a tee. Her background in healthcare and the fact that she lives with someone with a mental illness gives her a unique ability to show me what is working in the book and what may not be clear.

This, of course, means that I am on a deadline. I am rereading the book for the last time to try and give to my editor the best version. And if you could read some of these chapters you would understand that this is a necessary task. I have no idea what I was thinking/doing or what drugs I was on when I wrote some of these paragraphs. All I know is that I have too much pride not to put my best foot forward.

This also means that I can’t concentrate on a new blog post at this time. And for that I apologize. I think it is important to always let my readers know why I can’t focus on a new chapter in my daily life. Simple as it sounds this book has grabbed all my brain cells and there is nothing left.

Good news – the deadline is tight. I should be back shortly. My poor house desperately needs a cleaning as probably do my children. So keep me in your thoughts, use past posts if you need some comfort that you are not alone, and know I will return.

As always – The Truth Ache