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poetryEvery once in awhile I write a post about my writing. To put it simply I don’t write posts in a professional way. I don’t make money off my posts and I don’t spend hours rewriting, editing, finding the right words, etc. My posts are more a stream of conscientiousness that allows me to get my own feelings out of my head and sometimes out of my body so that I can continue to try and find ways to be healthy.

I started blogging because my hands, which have tremors, were cramping and hurting when I tried to write in my diary. I had to find a different way to write my thoughts and feelings down and typing on a computer was simply easier. My blog is simply my own personal diary. Once people started to react to what I was writing, I realized that it probably wasn’t a smart idea to write about my children’s antics every day, so I began to tailor my posts to issues that were important to me or at least those bothering me today.

While I have written about numerous different and sometimes eccentric topics, I mostly stick to posts about this disease that consumes me. I am bipolar. And unless you have a mental illness your knowledge of the disease will be very limited. To be mentally ill means that your whole life revolves around what your brain has decided to do today. And I mean your whole life.

Mental illness hurts my family, my vacations, my physical health, my ability to go out in the world, my ability to connect with strangers, my friends, my art, my writing, even my ability to do my favorite thing in the world, reading. This is what I try to write about. This is the topic that takes all my time and my energy. There are no days off. There are no moments of relief. There are no medicines that can cure what ails me. So in order to function, I learned to write.

I am writing this short post because I want people to understand why there are grammatical mistakes in my posts; I simply don’t want to design my posts. I want my posts to be real and simple. It’s best to learn simple. And I don’t write everyday because there isn’t a need inside of me to do so.

So, thank you for all of you who read my posts. Thank you to all of you who see the grammatical mistakes and ignore them in favor of reading what I am trying to write. Thank you for liking some of my posts; and a very big thank you for commenting on my posts.

I hope this explains me as a writer. But if you want to know me as a diseased person I hope you will explore my other posts. You never know what you don’t know.