The Beauty

Original Posts – The Beauty

Sugar Scrub to the Rescue – Originally Posted October 2012

Let’s move away from the incredible and depressing topic of my head, and move a little to something softer.  This blog isn’t only about my disease and the craziness that comes along with it, but the things that I have found (and am finding) that relax me, or help me to find some beauty within my own skin. CONTINUED READING…

Those Ads!!! – Originally Published October 2012

I am a reader.  Let me rephrase that, I am a voracious reader that has rendered my husband significantly poorer than he would have been if had married someone more sane. CONTINUE READING…

A Slice of Peace – Originally Posted October 2012

One of the things I have learned early on in my quest for beauty and knowledge was that I had to have a slice of peace somewhere.  The slice of peace, much like a slice of apple pie, has very distinct characteristics.  It is a simple and complex at the same time and can mean more to the soul than it does to your nerves. CONTINUE READING…

My Quest – Originally Posted October 2012

My quest for beauty has been an on-going obsession since I was a child and my mother (my beautiful mother) decided that her children would never wear makeup or jewerly while under her roof.  She relented through the years, but for the most part this dictorial set down has stayed with me my whole life.  It has driven me to try and find the natural, or the even the easy, miracles of science and earth that I could use to be beautiful.  I spent litterally thousands a year on “magic” potions to look today the same as I did a year ago.  But as it is an obsession the ability to turn the drive off is simply one of those buttons that I am missing. CONTINUE READING…

Cheap Beauty Secrets – Originally Posted March 2013

Short Cuts – Dry Skin – Originally Posted January 2013

Being a Glow Worm – Orginally Posted January 2013

Finding The Inner Self – Originally Posted December 2012

The Beholder – Originally Posted November 2012


Boring personal stuff hidden in my blog. There are much more interesting things under The Disease and The Life tabs. This is simply a way for me to track what I am doing to try and improve my outer self. I would much rather improve my inner self, but society says it isn’t enough.

Tuesday (6/30) Beauty: ACV Toner, Cleanser with grapeseed oil, castile soap. Mask of Honey, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg. Body: Oil and White Sugar scrub. Exercise: Stairs (25), Squats (20), Lunges (20), Tip Toes (20); Water w/lemon (2)

Wednesday (7/1) Beauty:cleanser with grapeseed, Castile soap. Mask of egg yolk, lemon juice, hair removal with coffee, baking soda. No exercise. No water.


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