The Debt

There is debt, and then there is my debt.  My debt is much worse than anyone else, and it is not possible that I will ever feel the sun shining on me again.

Just kidding. My debt is bad, but there is no way to actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. Instead, I just get on that railroad car and try to move forward.

The Original Blogs – The Debt

Dear Stress, I Don’t Like You – Originally Posted January 2015

dessertI hear a lot from those I love to try and remember that what is stressing me out today won’t matter in a few years. This advice does not help me.

I hear people say that everything will be ok. This advice does not help me.



The Stomach Ache – Originally Posted June 2013 CONTINUE READING

Chocolate for Broke 2 – Originally Posted November 2012

It is that time again, that dreaded time for parents…Christmas.  Being an adult I miss some of the magic the holiday once created, the belief that under that tree would be all my dreams coming true, and the feeling not so much that time was passing, but that time was stalled so I could take all the beauty in. CONTINUE READING…

Chocolate for the Broke – Originally Posted November 2012

I am embarrassed to say that I am so normal in some ways; I truly wish to be extraordinary in everything.  But every time I look at my credit card bills I realize that I am a statistic.  A horrible statistic, but a ridiculous statistic. CONTINUE READING…


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