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Journeys to The Open – Originally Posted November 2015


I believe with all my heart that we as creatures on this earth, whether bound my the notions of propriety, religion, politics, or even the simple belief in truth, search for answers. We search what we believe to be our hearts, our souls, even our own minds and bodies, for some answer to the unanswerable. CONTINUE READING…

January 2017 – Power of Darkness

January 2017 – I Rise, I Fall

January 2017 – Trusting Doc

January 2017 – Is It Necessary?

January 2017 – Conflicting Bindings

January 2017 – Not Yet; Not There Yet

September 2016 – Permission To Destroy My Own Self

August 2016 – The Kinfolk

April 2016 – Inept

November 2015 – Journeys to the Open

October 2015 – A Time for Everything

October 2015 – Asking For It

September 2015 – The Simplicity of Commonality

September 2015 – Cut Off Hands

September 2015 – Flat-Lining

August 2015 – There Once Was Hope

July 2015 – One More Time

July 2015 – An Award

July 2015 – Subject: Boundaries

July 2015 – Do We Kneel or Do We Walk?

July 2015 – My Soul is On Fire

July 2015 – The Most Powerful Force This World Has Ever Seen

July 2015 – The Next Step

June 2015 – Those Dog Days

June 2015 – Trash to Treasure

May 2015 – Inconvenience

April 2015 – Don’t Let Go of The Monkey Bars

April 2015 – The Warring Sky

April 2015 – Completely Incapable

March 2015 – If You Don’t Hear From Me, The Change is Complete

March 2015 – Nothing

March 2015 – The Agony of A Hope

March 2015 – The One Without a Name

March 2015 – No Complaints

Good Gracious, She’s Mine – Originally Posted February 2015

religionI don’t have much of a religious being inside of me. Blame it on my parents, the life I have led, or simply the fact that my brain keeps getting in the way of my ability to take anything on faith.  I am starting my post with these words to warn some readers that this may not be an enjoyable post for you to read. If the idea that I am going to talk about religion is offensive, please don’t read it. I don’t like the idea that I am hurting anyone. CONTINUE READING…

 The Sanctuary That Lost It’s Home – Originally Posted January 2013

lorinixThere was a story printed in November of 2011 in the Bloomsberg BusinessWeek that was titled, “The End of Borders and the Future of Books.” It described a now familiar world, where the great mall bookstores of our past were finally falling to the prey of capitalism. The article encouraged us with stats and figures that the bookstore was not dying because of the online accessibility of the once rare page, ($900 million in online books in a $28 billion a-year market) nor was it because humans simply no longer craved the feel and smell of that all important new book.  CONTINUE READING…

Cathartic Balls of Paper – Originally Posted October 2012

There are days when there is just nothing really to write about.  I listen to my music and as it sweeps through me I try to find inspiration or a little something that could move me to want to write.  Most days I have thirty odd ideas that I could take and run with, but when it doesn’t cause my heart to race or passion to explode in my soul, I find myself continuing on the journey. CONTINUE READING…

Cranberry Madness – Originally Posted November 2012

cranberryOh, it’s turkey time!  That magical time of the year when we kick-start our Christmas holidays with food, football, and the most important shopping.  We sit around and convince ourselves that eating that many calories doesn’t count in the holiday season, and that unbuttoning our pants after eating is just smart. CONTINUE READING…

Its a Conspiracy – Originally Posted October 2012

I have a rather unique brain in some aspects; I believe it has to do with the bi-polar more than anything.  But sometimes it can get me into trouble.  For instance, the other day I had to take another IQ test; not a big deal in my life as the doctors seem to give me one about once a year.  I don’t know what they expect to change, but a lot of the times I have realized that it is best just not to ask. CONTINUE READING…

Monsters Roaming The Halls – Originally Posted October 2012

Like most people I have a boss.  Like most bosses he has his good days, and he has his bad days.  Sometimes however, his bad days are really bad.  For instance, the other day he literally came out screaming and swinging about something he was overly upset about and the whole incident was so unprofessional my HR department asked me to write a memo about what went on – there were cuss words, and tempers, and even threatening body language, par for course some days.  Seeing as how the man has worked here for over 10 years, and yet is never called on the carpet for his behavior simply because the women who work here are fearful of losing their jobs, I wrote the memo.  I am never concerned about doing what is possibly right; it’s a quirk of mine. CONTINUE READING…

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How Old Are We? – Originally Posted March 2013

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A Lesson Not Learned – Originally Posted March 2013

Finding a Hepburn Life – Originally Posted February 2013

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I’m Sorry – Originally Posted December 2012

Enough – Originally Posted November 2012

Two Faces – Originally Posted October 2012

A Solider’s Wife – Originally Posted October 2012

A Nation of Sociopaths – Originally Posted October 2012

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