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A Safe Haven Book Cover_0118_finalIt is finally here! I have taken the last couple of months off to work solely on my book and I believe that it has finally paid off.

The book, entitled, A Safe Haven, takes some of the most popular ideas on my blog, reworks them into longer and more detailed chapters, and gives the reader a genuine look into the mind of a mentally ill sufferer.

Most of the stories and other material comes from my own journey. I have struggled for more than half my life with these diseases and in many ways I have struggled alone. This book is designed to help those who truly wish they were a safe haven to their mentally ill loved one.

It is not a book written by a doctor who has never had a mental illness. It is not written by a therapist who sits in an office all day listening to those with mental illnesses but can’t sense the depth of what really happens within the mind of a mentally ill person. It is not written to be a journey through my own struggles (that’s why I have this blog). It is simply a book meant to help mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, lovers, of those with these diseases comprehend what it takes to survive in the world of mental illness. And to give a kind and open look into how they can help.

For most of you reading this blog, the book may be better suited as a gift to your own mother. My editor, a mom of a son with mental illness, found this book gave her common sense ideas regarding her son. The book certainly didn’t take away the disease but allowed her to understand the frustrations and sometimes uncontrollable darkness that comes with this disease. I hope you find it to be the same.

The book is being sold through Amazon so I will provide the link. Look for more posts about the book and a more in depth look into the chapters and ideas of the books as the days progress. Any reviews about the book would be very much appreciated.

It was the pleasure of my life to be able to write this book. I think it is important. And I believe it could help.