The Mental Disease

There is no cure for the mind. It is a vast ocean of discontent and strange purple elephants. It is the thing that builds us, destroys us, and takes us on journey unlike any life can offer.  The diseases that ravage the mind are not understood, nor are they ever sane. They are a combination of everything good and evil that this world has to offer, and all we can do is close our eyes in the darkness and seek the light.

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Okay, That’s Just Ridiculous – Originally Posted November 2015

speak-up-with-everyone-against-youI spent today doing my normal chores and adding in the once a week and once a month, and even the once in a blue moon chores as well. So while now my house is clean and my car smells nice there is once again little for me to say. I took a nap and once again experienced cognitive dreaming, but other than that my life is in either a really high state so that I have nothing to write or I am in the dreaded writer’s block.

Find A Spot – Originally Posted April 2015

7a537a47348cf62693f2fe6291961947I am not a very smart person. I don’t have degrees and initials after my name and I have never had to write a dissertation on a topic that I have no interest in. I live in many ways a very simple life.  I live in patterns; over and over again the same feelings, the same frustrations, the same moments of impotency rears its ugly face. I don’t change my behavior day to day anymore than my disease allows me to be the outwardly same person day to day. Despite the world’s fascination with a disease that they can’t understand, for the most part I understand all to well.

The Joys of Being Upside Down – Originally Posted January 2015

tumblr_m6uyptZdse1r312swo1_500Being bipolar has its moments I suppose. There is a certain joy in being what we in the business call high as a kite because those are the days that I can literally fly to the moon and back. They are the days that I am present. They are the days the house gets spring cleaned and the children get a mother that is engaged. They are the days my husband gets some loving. CONTINUE READING…


A Child Disappears – Originally Posted February 2013

storytelling-photographyHave you ever had an urge? An urge for chocolate, for cigarettes, for that one sip of alcohol?  Have you ever lived with that urge until it began to consume your mental thoughts?  You become in such need of that rich, sweet, taste of chocolate that nothing, I mean literally nothing will do but to find that exact taste. CONTINUED READING…

carnavilA Traveling Carnival – Originally Posted January 2013

I am having a bad day.  And strangely it has nothing to do with the disease.  I am having a normal bad day; bank account looking scary, child forgot book bag, boss on my ass.  Such normal sucky things, that I find for the most kind of reassuring.  It means that my act, my desire to appear normal may be working. CONTINUE READING…

blissThe Illusion of Bliss – Originally Posted November 2012

My husband asked me last night if I would enjoy going away into the woods for a couple of months, and have a chance to stop take my meds for a while.  My violent and somewhat immediate response was, no.  (HELL NO!!! – was what it really sounded like) CONTINUE READING…

Forgiveness in Our Finale – Originally Posted December 2012

I have been born, I have a body and I have died.  I have lived a life of repentance and sorrow, and I have never asked for forgiveness. There are certain things in this world that cannot be forgiven, and those that have committed such crimes against their own soul will find it hard to find forgiveness.  There are times when we must accept that actions we have committed in the name of all that is vain, cannot be forgiven by a simple man dying on a cross. CONTINUE READING…

burden2Burdens on The Shoulders – Originally Posted December 2012

I learned something about myself this weekend.  It could be that by talking about some of the issues that I struggle with through this blog, I am able to make room for some of the more profound truths that I must struggle with.  Like any disease, these mental diseases cause a vast amount of struggle that destroys the natural energy our souls use to exist.  CONTINUE READING…

burdenA Burden of Truth – Originally Posted November 2012

This disease has many facets; many different turns and functions that at times are interesting but for the most part are just exhausting.  I suffer through the reality of bi-polar each and everyday, and I deal with it in the only way I know how. CONTINUE READING…

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