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f94c1d2f4e0a7d8b826c44c81ef0fd95I have decided to embark on a year long journey discovering not only the greatest words spoken, written, learned, but to also learn how those same words apply to my world and my life. I imagine there will be times when I will search for a quote that moves me and then I will write. Other times the words will find me and help me to fulfill a need to be able to explain that which is so difficult for me to say. I plan to use the words of philosophers, actors, poets, lyricists, and those writers that can turn a simple phrase into a complex set of imaginary understanding. I will use this paragraph at the beginning of each post so you know that I am still on this journey. I do not guarantee to write everyday. I do not guarantee to bring to you the greatest words ever written. This is an exercise for me; a way for me to explore more than the obvious thoughts that float through my soul each and every night right before I go to sleep. I will never take credit for words that are not mine. And I will never take for granted that I know what each quote actually was proposed to mean. All I will do is take these words, honor them, and use them to explore myself, my mental illness, and the world that I am forced to live in. Come for the ride and then get off and find your own way down those long, winding roads.

I shall start on a day that is not an actual holiday when I am supposed to be paying much more attention to the interactions of those I know and less attention towards my own soul. I shall start on a day when the world is finally quiet and my soul can find itself in its own existence.

Until then…One quote started me down this path: “Imagination decides everything.” Blaise Pascal